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Priorities. Information. Ideas.
It all lives here.

Here's how Hallway helps align the most important knowledge in your business

Company Dashboard

Your important information front and center

Get all the big picture information your team needs to know at a glance.


Brainstorm togher

Weekly icebreaker questions get conversations going, while brainstorming questions help you find creative answers to team member questions.

Team Members

Know your team

Who knows about proposal writing? Who works near me? Who also is crazy about their golden retriever? All those answers can be found in Hallway.


Keep everyone in the loop

Share important updates with everyone in the company to keep everyone on the same page.

For every member of your team

Hallway helps you do the things you know you should be doing. Like overcommunicating priorities and vision.

For Founders

You're protective of your company culture, but you know you can't always be there to instill it in every new hire. Use Hallway to show and tell the story of your company.

For Executives

Always ask the same people for answers to your questions out of convenience or familiarity? Hallway makes it easier to make sure you're getting new perspectives on your most important priorities.

For Team Members

Your teammates are more than just a green dot on a chat application. Hallway helps you get to know your teammates better professionally and personally without being intrusive.

Create your team's home base today

Get everyone on the same page with a single Hallway page. Then feel what total team alignment can do for you.