About Hallway

Aligning your team is tough

Set them up for success with a home base for your most important information

Keeping employees informed and engaged can be a real challenge. Important announcements get lost in the endless email threads and updates easily slip through the cracks. There's a lot of noise. Not a lot of signal. And context is lost quickly.

Without a centralized communication platform, employees can feel disconnected and out of the loop. This lack of transparency can lead to misunderstandings, missed opportunities, and a decrease in productivity.

That's where Hallway comes in. Our platform provides a central place for employees to find important announcements, connect with team members, and collaborate on shared priorities. With Hallway, you can create a culture of transparency, engagement, and teamwork that leads to greater productivity and success.

Our Origin Story

I started the initial version of Hallway back in 2020. I was working remotely on a hybrid team and it felt like those in the office always had different, more up to date information than those working remotely did. It was frustrating.

I got that maybe the folks in the office didn't mean to exclude those in different locations, but it happened anyways. I built an initial prototype but struggled with positioning it, since remote work wasn't as prevelant pre-pandemic and the value to many teams wasn't immediately clear. I paused work on the project and moved back into freelancing and working at startups.

Now it's 2024. I have a more refined vision and more experience of what good (and bad) company communications looks like - regardless of whether the team is in person, remote, or some combination of the two. I'm building Hallway to match that vision. I want to make a simple, engaging product that keeps everyone on the same page and breaks down team silos whenever possible. I hope you'll join me on this journey.

Corinn P. Reston

What We're All About

Our mission is to get teams everywhere on the same page. Rowing in the same direction. On the proverbial same sheet of music. Totally. Utterly. Perfectly. Aligned. That's what we want for you.

Total team alignment is a magical feeling. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to help you there.

Our Values


We're all about being resourceful - it's about thinking creatively and turning challenges into chances to innovate. This approach keeps us adaptable and ahead of the game, making sure we're always ready for whatever comes next.

Fairness & Respect

Fairness and respect are at the heart of everything we do. It's about treating everyone equally, making decisions that are just and balanced for all. This value guides us in building a positive and respectful environment for our team and clients, ensuring that everyone gets a fair shot and is heard.

Value Creation

We focus on delivering outstanding services and products that not only meet but exceed expectations, ensuring we add real, tangible value to our customers and the community. This commitment drives our innovation and excellence, making a meaningful difference in everything we do.

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